EcoSecure Range

The Future of Sanitisation

An innovative skin-friendly HygienePRO formula using invisible advanced protective shield technology for a continued and round-the-clock sanitization against bacteria and viruses

Ecosecure Product
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  • List Electrostatic Fogger
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  • List EcoSecure Fabric Mist
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Salient Features

HygienePRO sanitisers provide no compromise solution, providing rapid, highly effective destruction of bacteria whilst remaining incredibly gentle to the skin.

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  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus
  • Sanitises in just 30 seconds
  • 6 hours on the skin & 30 days on surfaces
  • Ph neutral (6.5-7.3)
  • No skin irritation or drying
  • Safe non-flammable, alcohol free formula
  • Non-toxic and food safe

Watch Full Range of EcoSecure Products

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BSEN 1276 - BSEN 12791 - BSEN 14476 - Tested + Approved
  • Electromist 5L
  • Fabricmist 5L
  • Hand Foam 5L
  • hand foam 600mL
  • hand gel 5L
  • hand gel 1L
  • hand wash 5L
  • hand wash 500mL
  • sterimist 25L
  • sterimist 1000L IBC
  • surface sanitiser 1L
  • surface sanitiser 5L

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