Case Studies

Read about our live case studies.

Case Study 1 PDL Warehouse, Edenbridge

PDL employ more than 50 people in their warehouse who have been put on government’s furlough scheme due to Covid-19 restrictions. BBS helped with it’s full-spectrum approach to help bringing back their employees back to work.

The following procedures were implied:

  • i) Employees tested prior to coming to the warehouse
  • ii) Test results converted to QR codes
  • iii) Secure access to building through BBS App
  • iv) Sanitisation of the whole place

Case Study 2 PDL Boardroom Scenario

BBS App provides seamless access to buildings whilst also making sure people who enter the building are Covid-free. Our App is designed to provide HR solutions by simplifying the process of scheduling work meetings. Particularly, in times of a Covid pandemic situation, the App fetches your Covid test result and translates it into a QR code which allows you to access the building or meeting room of your choice.

The video shows the whole BBS process for PDL employees using BBS App with a touchless access to the boardroom.

Case Study 3 MBER London

The hospitality industry is the one that suffered the most during the Covid-19 lockdown period. As the restrictions are being gradually lifted, it comes with a heavy compliance sheet and risk mitigation processes e.g. sanitisation being the biggest challenge. Our aim is to help businesses avoid the high costs of buying PPE and testing their staff and customers, as BBS can provide these services in one cost-effective package. Staying true to our cause of helping businesses to open in a secure environment, our BBS team came together to help MBER, a pan-Asian tapas restaurant, for its reopening on May 19th. We offered our services for free to MBER in order to demonstrate how effective it is, and also to help a fellow business. The whole venue was sanitised with Eco Secure, alcohol-free products that are safe for chefs and testing their employees – both kitchen and front of house staff. Located on Pudding Lane in the heart of London’s vibrant City, MBER restaurant’s glowing copper, charcoal metal, warm woods and flickering candles all come together to create an intimate feel and memorable experiences in this hidden gem – one that had been taken away because of the effects of the pandemic but can now reopen thanks to BBS.

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